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Think =  Tammy Hink

See what we did there? 


Tammy is a force of nature in human capital. From a career as a commission-based recruiter all the way to the executive suite, she has run the P&L(s), built the orgs, and crafted the relationships for little guys & Fortune 50 firms alike.

Having built a phenomenal national network, a boutique consulting firm was the natural next step.

So in 2022, Tammy launched Think.

She  likes to grow things.

Figs. She grows figs.

And flowers. A quarter acre of flowers.

And a pile of Wisconsin football ticket stubs.

And boys. 2 of them. 3 if you count the big boy.

And beach tans. 12 far & away beach tans (and counting.)

And people.

Because just like flowers, when you put people in the right place, they grow.

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